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Eli Dueker Lab Home

We use environmental microbiology to determine the connection between water quality and air quality in urban and rural environments. This work expands our appreciation for the preservation of water quality as it relates to breathing clean air, drinking clean water, safe aquatic recreation, effective waste treatment and disposal, and the general mitigation of climate change impacts on humans and their environment.

Our research is conducted at Bard College, under the auspices of both the Biology and Environmental and Urban Studies programs, and relies on collaborations with community members including natural, social, and citizen scientists, artists, regulatory agency representatives, municipal leaders, NGO staff-members and generous funders. These collaborators reside and work in communities and academic institutions in the water-rich Hudson Valley, the people-rich New York City area, and other areas across the US and around the world.

Aside from strong support from Bard’s Biology and Environmental and Urban Studies programs, our research has been made possible through funding from the following generous donors and foundations: Janet Holden Adams Fund, NASA, Hudson River Foundation, Brinson Foundation, Eppley Foundation, NYS DEC (NYS Environmental Protection Fund), NYSERDA, US EPA, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Bard College Engaged Liberal Arts and Sciences Program, Bard College Sustainability Council, Bard College Experimental Humanities Program, and the Red Hook CAC.

More information on our research can be found here.