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Lab Members

At any point, you can find a wide range of researchers in our lab — students from Biology and Chemistry work alongside students majoring in Environmental and Urban Studies, Studio Arts, and Experimental Humanities.  We also engage with citizen scientists from across the Hudson Valley through the Bard Water Lab, and participate in local efforts to protect drinking water and scenic waterways.  There are often opportunities for volunteering, work study, internships, research assistantships, and senior projects in the lab — if you’re interested, please contact Prof. Dueker at [email protected]. We welcome anyone with curiosity about the biology of water and air — bring your questions and we’ll work together to explore them scientifically.

Here are some folks who have been or are currently involved in the lab:

Eli Dueker, Bard College Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental and Urban Studies, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Visiting Researcher, Queens College Associate Researcher

Clara Woolner (BIO 2016), Bard Water Lab Manager and Saw Kill Watershed Community Coordinator

Tierney Weymueller (EUS 2018), student Saw Kill Watershed Community Coordinator, Bard Summer Research Intern (2016)

Christopher Hulbert (BIO 2018), student Bard Water Lab Manager, Bard Summer Research Intern (2016), Senior Project (in progress, Smyth lead advisor): Cyanobacteria in water and air in the Hudson Valley

Lizzy Winig (EUS 2015), research assistant , Senior Project: Lifeguarding the Hudson: Microbial Agents of Concern in Puddles, Tide Pools, and the River

Sophie D’Anieri (EUS 2017), student Saw Kill Watershed Community intern, Bard Summer Research Intern (2016)

Franklin Savulich (EUS 2019), Bard Water Lab intern

Mary Elisa Blundell, community Bard Water Lab volunteer and member of the Saw Kill Watershed Community

Sheila Buff, community Bard Water Lab volunteer and member of the Saw Kill Watershed Community

Karen Schneller-McDonald, community Bard Water Lab volunteer and member of the Saw Kill Watershed Community

Laurie Husted (Bard Sustainability Manager), community Bard Water Lab volunteer and member of the Saw Kill Watershed Community

Marika Krupitsky (BIO 2018), research assistant, Bard Water Lab volunteer

Carlo Raimondo (EUS 2018), lab intern, Bard Water Lab volunteer

Sara Eisenberg (BIO 2018), Bard Water Lab volunteer

Eva Grunblatt (PHYS 2020), Bard Water Lab volunteer

May Grzybowski, Bard Water Lab volunteer

Hunter Mathis (EUS 2019), Bard Water Lab volunteer, research intern

Samuel Astrachan (EUS 2017), Bard Water Lab volunteer, Senior Project (in progress): Effect of Land Use Change on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities on the Saw Kill

Aldo Grifo-Hahn (EUS 2017), Senior Project (in progress, Smyth lead advisor): Snapping turtle territorial behavior in North and South Tivoli Bays

Mengzhen Chen (BIO 2017), Senior Project: Comparative microbial flora study of tap water and bottled water in the United States using BOD protocol

Haley Goss-Holmes (BIO 2017), Senior Project: Human Stress Affects Indoor Aerosol Microbial Communities

Kyle Feldman (BIO 2017), Senior Project: Water Security in the Village of Red Hook, New York: Monitoring Groundwater and Surface Water Sources for Potential Indications of Contamination

Marco Spodek (EUS 2017), research assistant, Bard Summer Research Intern (2015), Senior Project: Nitrate Loading in the Saw Kill Watershed: small watershed nutrient dynamics, answering a community question, and assessing methodological approaches

Isabel Keddy-Hector (BIO 2017), Senior Project (Perron lead advisor): A Metagenomic Analysis of Hurricane Sandy Flood-Borne Bacteria

Quanita Kendrick (BIO 2017), Senior Project (Savage lead advisor): Development of Reliable Sampling Strategies to Detect Enterococcus on Impermeable Surfaces

Lizzy Elliott (BIO 2018), Bard Summer Research Intern (2016)

Alanna Rebbeck (EH 2018), Bard Summer Research Intern (2016)

Ayat Kanaan (Al Quds Bard BIO 2018), Bard Summer Research Intern (2016)

Yuejiao Wan (EUS 2018/19 and Duke University Forestry), Bard Summer Research Intern (2015), Shanghai water and air quality project

Isaiah Chisholm (EUS 2016), research assistant, Senior Project: Development and Application of Otolith Microstructure Analysis of glass-phase American eels (Anguilla rostrata) in the Saw Kill

Melissa Guevara (EUS 2016), Senior Project: River Beneath the Street

Beckett Lansbury (BIO 2016), Hudson River Foundation Polgar Fellowship (2015), Senior Project: Influence of a Waterway on the Microbial Colonization of Riparian Vegtation

Shaya French (BIO 2015), Senior Project: Influence of sewage and sewage infrastructure on microbial aerosols above an urban waterway

Sherif Kamal (Parsons School of Design, 2014), Hudson River Foundation Polgar Fellowship (2013): Microbial Agents of Concern in Water and Air at the Hudson River Estuary Waterfront







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