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Community Science

img_20150214_0003.jpgEnvironmental science relies on close collaboration with communities to generate data and to communicate those data meaningfully to decision-makers and stewards of natural resources.  To this end, our lab works hard to engage with the communities managing the waterways we study, and we have recently established the Bard Water Lab as a resource for bringing water science to water communities.

To date, we have worked with the following community-based organizations:

Newtown Creek Alliance

North Brooklyn Boat Club

Saw Kill Watershed Community

Roe-Jan Watershed Community

And we look forward to expanding this list as we continue our air and water quality research!

We are also a founding member of the Hudson River Subwatershed and Tributaries (THuRST) Research Network, which is a collective of academic institutions in the Hudson Valley who engage with water communities to conduct water science.

We currently partner with a number of regional NGO’s dedicated to bringing science to communities, including:


Scenic Hudson

Hudson River Watershed Alliance